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Collectible original Artist Trading Cards created on 3x4 index stock. The Original Art Trading Society is brought to you by the Hanna family and is dedicated to bringing creativity, excitement and enjoyment to artists of all ages!

Welcome to the Original Art Trading Society also known as OATS! We hope you enjoy our website and find happiness in the creative Artist Trading Cards presented throughout our site. OATS is an arts organization engaged in Artist Trading Card collecting, trading and cataloging. The Original Art Trading Society is all about fun, creativity, imagination, artistic expression, and the excitement of original art card trading. You can learn more about OATS and our history on the About Us Page.

Artist Trading Card: Dragon, by Kevin Hanna
Artists of all ages and skill level are welcome to join and contribute to our growing community of original art card traders. Artist Trading Cards have been around for years and there are several variations including ACEO and Letterbox Trading Cards (LTC). OATS is a modified variation on Artist Trading Cards (or ATCs). OATS Artist Trading Cards are created on 3x4 index cards for the sole purpose of in-person trades with other members. Any type of drawing media can be used as long as the card keeps its required size.

If you have created your own
Artist Trading Cards and would like to share them or trade with any of our artists we would love to hear from you. Please visit our Membership Page for more details.

The OATS Store features a variety of items for sale including note cards, coffee mugs and the 2011 Original Art Trading Card Calendar; all customizable with the Artist trading Card designs of your choice!

Video Page added! See how to create you own OATS Artist trading Card.

Check back often as we will continue to grow our site to include the Original Art Trading Card Game, Calendar of Events, and Trading Card Contests!

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